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Phil's 3 Tips For A Rock-Hard Bod


Phil Collen quit alcohol 27 years ago and has since become musics poster boy for fitness. He claims he can bench-press 380 pounds -- talk about heavy metal!

Phil offers his three tips for staying ripped well into his 50s:

1. Work Out Twice: On the last tour, I did kickboxing with Jean Carrillo, a European Muay Thai champion. Now I do weights in the morning and cardio in the afternoon -- spin or jump rope. On tour, I bring a heavy bag for boxing as well as a bench and dumbbells.

2. Skip Meat: Ive been vegetarian for 32 years and vegan for four. Its the most important thing if you want to get in shape. Lately Ive gone raw food. I recently had a raw pizza with avocados, veggies and bread with dehydrated onion -- an amazing taste sensation.

3. Go Clean: Back in the day we partied hard. I started blacking out regularly, so I quit. Once I stopped having hangovers, I found I had all these extra hours in the day. So I started jogging. Im not a fan of jogging, but you notice changes. You feel alert. I feel better today than I did when I was 30.

Article via Billboard


Phil Collen From Def Leppard! Lead Guitarist, KickBoxer And Lifter!

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