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Fender Telecaster, Blonde, Late 70's

I bought this guitar in a music store in Dublin, during the Hysteria writing sessions in 1984. I love how the neck felt, it's a huge baseball bat of a thing - but it sat around for ages as the bridge rusted and it really needed a re-fret. It came back to life with a new bridge, frets and noiseless fender replacement pickups. Then it became a touring guitar. I can honestly say it is one of my favorite guitars to play (I say that quite often, but there are about five times when I really mean it - this is one of 'em). It now has jumbo frets on it.

If you want to hear it, it's the intro and first verse guitar on the song "nine lives" and is featured a lot on the "Yeah!" album as part of the rhythm guitar sound.

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