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1980 Ibanez Destroyer
This one's famous. I had guitar companies copying this one, trying to entice me to use them. I receive this in the post after I returned from the "Girls" Japanese tour, in 1981. Soon it became my main guitar. I mean it looked weird and was like a parallel universe version of the Gibson Explorer with a bit more flash. There are three pickups (I used to salivate over three pickup Les Pauls) of which I only ever use the outer two. The inlays are flashy and my name is on the 12th fret. It has a Khaler Tremolo put in my Dave Story, the guy who invented the Khaler. This guitar could do it all and take me through any kind of journey, and it did that very well right up until the end of the Pyromania tour. I have three more copies of this guitar and you can see them later. This is the original one though. You can hear this on the solos on Photograph, Foolin', and Rock of Ages among others. It is also on the picture disc for the single version of Rock of Ages.

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