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Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi
When I started playing guitar, back in England, I used to see all of these classic American guitar players holding one of these see through, quasi-plastic guitars and it looked really cool. I found out that they were playing one of these Dan Armstrong guitars. I wanted one for years until they stopped making them and Id forgotten all about them. Funny enough, in 2006 I had been wondering where I could get my hands on one and all of a sudden there was one, in a backstage Ampeg shack outside the venue we were playing with Journey. Neal Schon was in there checking some stuff out with Scott, who would later work with me. And there was this guitar. So I had to have one. This is a reissue and sounds amazing, considering its not even made out of wood. It made the odd appearance on that tour. And you can hear it on Viv's rhythm guitar part, which was originally just a guide (Stones tuning) on Nine Lives.

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