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1978 Fender Stratocaster, "Felix"

This was the main guitar on the Hysteria album. A Japanese made strat that I got for my 21st birthday from my mum (I know my parents were great to me.)  This guitar has been around the block and it always delivered.  Perfect intonation, even after being lost in China for a week or so. It was still in tune. It had a quite a bit done to it. It had a Kahler trem and an Ibanez humbucker from my original destroyer in it. That went in after meeting Eddie Van Halen and him saying “you know, you’re not going to be happy 'til you put a humbucker in that guitar”, or something like that. And he was right.  This was my main guitar through the Girl days right up until I started using Jacksons. Unfortunately it all went pear shaped when I had a Floyd put in it, weakening the wood and making the bridge a little fragile. So at the moment I’m scared to mess with it.

This is on more records I’ve done than any other guitar I own.  It's all over Hysteria, most of the solos, on Animal, the Girl albums etc. Right now I’ve retired it and it’s taking a well-earned rest.

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