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Jackson Dinky '86, "Bela"

This guitar is a bit of a celebrity, getting in way more places than I can.

In 1985 Grover Jackson said to me “you know we can paint anything on a guitar and make it glow in the dark”. Really was my response. What about Dracula?  Sure he said get me a photo of what you want and we’ll do a version. So I found a cool shot of Bela Lugosi and it was painted on this guitar. It originally had a Kahler trem on it and in the nineties it got a facelift, new pickup and Floyd trem.  Incredibly, it still sounds great even with that crazy amount of paint on it. It also has a weird history. When the specs and design, along with the photo were left on a desk.  A vampire bat apparently decided to sleep on the wall above the desk. Freaking everyone out the next morning.

I still play this guitar on tour, occasionally. It stayed at the rock and hall of fame for three years, in a case, and has been on the front of many magazines and appeared in tons of videos: Sugar, Animal, Armageddon It and Rock On among others. It also has the amazing Adam Revier titanium block put in by Scott Appleton, my tech. and changed the sound dramatically. Yeah, it rocks.

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