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1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom
I nearly wore this guitar out. I got it when I was seventeen and working in a burglar alarm factory. I borrowed 3 hundred quid off of my mum and dad, paying it back 5 quid a week (Pounds Sterling). I thought it was the coolest guitar I’d ever seen and I’d prop the thing up and stare at it. But I wanted more gusto out of it and I’d heard of these American pickups called DiMarzios I had a super distortion put in and I’ve been using them ever since. (All my PC1’s have super 3 DiMarzios in the bridge position) this was the main guitar for my early bands Dumb Blondes, Lucy, Tush and Girl. You can hear it on the solos on Hollywood Tease (Girl) Rock 'Til You Drop, and Pyromania, among many others.

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