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Jackson PC1, "Eau Natural"
This is one of the earliest PC1’s. It has a chunky neck, mahogany body and a maple top.  The reason for the lack of color and glossy finish is the theory that the less paint and crap you put on a guitar, the more live and vibrant it sounds. I agree with this to a point as some heavily painted guitars just sound great, for whatever reason (go figure). This has to do with the age of the wood, type of wood and just plain old “being played in”, like my Jackson Bela guitar, which sounds awesome but is covered in shite. Anyway, this guitar really has a vibe to it. It also has the original PC1 headtsock. It has been on lots of stuff, albums, etc., but it has a brother guitar, almost the same apart from having a koa body. So I do tend to get these two mixed up from a visual point of view.

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