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Jackson Troubleneck Doubleneck, "Big Bird"
This  is my only double neck guitar,  For obvious reasons. They’re uncomfortable and heavy.  But they look really cool. This has bats as fret markers as a tonic to the PRS doves. And now has a PC sustainer on the six string neck. The twelve string neck has  an amazing sound.  I used the guitar on the 2006 tour with Journey. I always make mistakes on this guitar, 'cause I can’t quite get a grip on it. However, I’ve been getting requests to take it out on tour again in 2009. The price of trying to look slick. You can hear the twelve string on Blood Runs Cold and Truth, both on Slang and the Later intro riff, being played by me and Viv at the same time, on the same guitar. Weird, huh?

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