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Jackson, Black Cracklejack

Here we have a Jackson with a neck-through and a funky eighties crackly design. This was definitely my main guitar for the Hysteria tour and featured in tons of Lepp videos. I think I got the guitar in '86. It originally had a Kahler bridge until some time in the 90's. Then it was fitted with a Floyd Rose trem bridge. The finish was silver but basically covered in black and shrink dried until the black cracked, giving it its unique finish. I love this guitar and brought it back out on the 2006 US tour with Journey, after about a fifteen year hiatus. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, it has my name on the 24th fret.

You can hear this guitar on the intro lick to "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

You can see crackle jack on the "Sugar" video, "Women" video, in the "Round and In Your Face" DVD and countless other things. If I've left any out, please feel free to shoot me a line; or if you have photos and stuff of it, Send 'em over.

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