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Jackson Phil Collen Signature Series

This was the first signature model I had with Jackson. It was done over a long period of time starting during the Hysteria tour. I wanted something a bit different from all the guitars that were out there so we basically started with a shape on paper that kind of looked like a fender jaguar and stretched it to look kind of like what would become a Surfcaster. But Grover Jackson said "No, let's makes this more unique." and began a project that had Grover coming out on tour with drawings and specs, and ended in chopping at pieces of wood. Anyway, we finally settled on this shape, carved out of a single piece of wood, with a neck-through design and a beautiful carved arch top. Grover wanted it to resemble a Ferrari or a piece of art. The only problem was the amount of time it took to do all of this. They have machines now that would bang it out in about five minutes. But back then it had to be done the old-fashioned way.

This was the first working prototype. It has 29 frets, a Kahler trem and sounds great. You can see it featured on the 'Love Bites' video.

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